July Favourites

So July is officially over, can you believe that?! We’re already a week into August! So naturally, today’s post will be about my July favourites. I didn’t get too many new products last month but I sure did get some new favourites! If you want to find out what they are then just keep reading!




Rimmel London Radiance BB Cream – light

My favourite base product during July was the Rimmel London’s Radiance BB cream. I’ve never really worn BB cream as I either wore foundation or nothing. But I thought I’d try it out for days where I wanted to cover the redness in my cheeks but didn’t want to feel like I was wearing a bunch of foundation. Although this BB cream only gives a light coverage it is a nice amount, it hides some of the redness in my cheeks while also giving my skin a healthy glow and making me look more awake (which is always a bonus). It also contains SPF which means I don’t have to worry about my face getting burnt by the mean Australian sun.


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DIY Project: Chokers

I love chokers, they are probably my favourite type of necklace in the world. They can make any outfit more edgy/alternative and you don’t have to worry about they getting twisted or lost in your cleavage (looking are you, long chain necklaces…). As of 2015 chokers have made their comeback and I’m so glad they have, it means that now there’s a wider range of them available to buy from the mall and online! However, I have found some issues with the chokers available. For one thing, they’re kinda expensive. $20 for a piece of faux suede cord and two metal tubes? No thank you! It’s also hard to know if the choker will fit because most the ones you buy in store are packaged up so you can’t try them one. I actually had to DIY the chain on a $16 choker that I bought because it was about 0.5cm too short for my neck.

So I thought, you know what? I could probably make my own chokers, and for cheaper… And I did! I ended up making 5 different chokers (pictured below) for less than half the price it would cost to buy them in store! If you want to know how I made them then keep reading!

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A Poor Student’s Vanity Table

desk 1As my makeup collection grows I’ve had to increase my storage abilities; from a space on my desk, to acrylic holders and finally, a makeup box. But over the past few months I have run out of room in my box. So I did what any reasonable person would do, I bought a bigger box vanity table! Vanity
tables seem to be all the rage lately and I understand why, they allow for storage of your makeup AND a place to do your makeup all in one. The one that seems most popular currently is the MALM Dressing Table from IKEA, however it is $200AU! Now I am a poor student, and although I have a job and think the MALM table is awesome, I can’t justify buying it. So I thought I’d find an alternative, and I did! For only $97 I managed to buy a table, eyeshadow palette holder and a set of acrylic drawers! If you want to know the specifics then keep reading!


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Review: MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

I love getting samples of high end makeup; it means my broke uni student ass can treat myself to some fancy makeup without the commitment and expense of buying the full product straight up. Last year I made the mistake of buying a full sized high end foundation without testing it and discovered after a few applications that I didn’t like it. Never again will I make that mistake! A few weeks ago I got a sample of MAC’s Pro Longwear foundation and today I’ll be reviewing it. Enjoy!




My bare “it’s 8am and I want to be asleep” face

I am a whitey mcwhite girl. I burn as soon as I go out on a hot day and am sometimes even translucent. Because of this, finding a foundation that matches my skin can sometimes be a struggle (the lightest shade of Too Faced’s foundation “poreclain” is too dark for me). When I was first colour matched at MAC for their Studio Fix Fluid I was matched to the lightest shade, NC15. This shade did match me however I didn’t like how it sat on my face. When I got colour matched for the Pro Longwear I was matched to NW13. This suprised me as it meant my undertone had changed and I’ve gotten paler. I was slightly concerned as well because it wasn’t swatched on my skin, the assistant just chose the colour by eye. But, it matched and looked so natural! I couldn’t tell where my skin finished and the foundation started, however it was slightly pinker than I’m use to. Overall, I’d give the colour a 9/10.

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Top Five Eyeshadow Palettes


After lipstick, eyeshadows are my favourite cosmetic product and an eyeshadow palette is just the cherry on top. A single palette can create so many different looks; from soft and natural, to bright and colourful, or dark and smokey. Now I don’t have too many palettes (yet) but I thought I’d share the top 5 palettes from my collection!

Bronzing Bronzed Nudes -Technic ($10AUD)

So I got this palette off boohoo.com only because I was $5 off free shipping and I’m so glad I did! While I usually go for brighter, bolder shades I couldn’t pass up trying this palette. For $10 it’s pretty good quality; there’s a nice selection of shimmery and matte bronzes and they’re all pretty pigmented. The top three matte shades are great transition colours while the shimmery golds and dark shades make for one hella smokey eye. If you’re looking for a cheap basic palette I definitely suggest this one!

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My Skincare Routine

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, because honestly I’m lazy as heck, but this year I decided to actually take care of my skin. I’ve never done much in terms of skincare, because although I see my face everyday, I never really cared about it. It didn’t bother me, so I didn’t bother it. Today my sharing my (pretty basic) skincare routine and products so you too can have a face that feels like a baby’s butt!


morning skin care

Sukin Facial Moisturiser and Hydrating Mist Toner

Now my morning routine is pretty simple due to the fact that I don’t really start functioning properly until 2 hours after I’ve woken up. If necessary I firstly remove any left over makeup, because raccoon eyes don’t suit me. I then use Sukin’s hydrating mist toner. Now this stuff is amazeballs (I’m kind of obsessed), it contains both chamomile and rosewater so it tones, soothes and hydrates your skin. It’s great for use after cleansing or just as a refreshing spray on a hot day. Honestly, I spritz myself with it every time I’m in the bathroom. I also use Sukin’s facial moisturiser. This is probably one of my favourite facial moistursers because, not only does it make your skin super soft and contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, rose hip oil and avocado but it also smells like orange chocolate. Yum!

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Introducing Me!

Hey everyone! For my first post I thought I’d introduce myself with some fun facts so y’all can learn a little more about me. So let’s go!


My name is Katherine

I was born on March 28th 1996

I was born in London, England

I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand

I am a citizen of England, New Zealand and Australia

My star sign is Aries

I am currently in my third year at the University of Wollongong

I am studying a Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology

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